its possible but how????

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    so i have had my peafowl for about eight years my male is a black shoulder he is about 15 years old i am vary good friends and somwhat neighbor to the guy i got him from he got my male and a female from somwhere in tennesee about 13 years ago they were supossed to be standard india blues when they had chicks a couple years later 1 was pure white she was a hen 2 were males and were reagular india blues the origional female died a few years later witch left the father and the three offspring he gave me the oldest one he had witch was the father the (black shoulder) and he kept the three offspring of the origional pair the (white hen and 2 blues ) whitch are all from the same hatch flash forward to this year and somhow that white hen bred one of those males he had an escape WAS NOT INTENTIONAL he had never allowed them to breed before and i have unrealated hen he could have used for that as i have never allowd mine to have any chicks untill this year because the kids talked me into it well his hen sat on 2 eggs and 1 is white and the other is light brown how did that happen and my male is the white hens dad ie... the white chicks granfather and my eggs have not hatched and my hens are IB so what can i expect im sorry if this is confusing as i am confused my self so much that im not sleeping im typing and i have looked at a few genetics charts and am still confused can anyone explain this to me thank for trying to follow this tangled mess

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    [​IMG]I don't know anything about peacock genetics, but I'd sure love it if you could post pics of everyone! Thanks for posting.
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    the father and mother , are both split white, you should see some white feathers wing flights. white x blue = blue split white chicks

    White x blue /white = blue and white chicks(no not pied) blue/white x blue/white =blue ,blue split white, and white (which is where the first white hen can from)

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