I've created monsters

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    A couple of weeks ago someone posted about his pig chickens stealing the turkey out of his turkey sandwich. I had a nearly identical experience!

    On Sat. I took a little piece of the turkey meat from my sandwich & offered it to the chickens. They went NUTS. They're only about a month old so they can't do much harm, right? Well today (Sunday) I was again outside with my sandwich and the little turdlings were JUMPING for my sandwich.

    Of course, I immediately gave them some. I'm a total sucker. At least they come running to me when I call them now. [​IMG]
  2. I know it is good to get them used to taking treats but I don't know if I would give em turkey. Me myself I use popcorn.
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    Won't be long until you find yourself going out the back door in disguise.
  4. Nah you're created pets.
    I often wonder what would happen if I fell asleep for a long time in the run, where I sit on a hay bale and watch the pullets. I have a sneaking suspicion they'd find my bones!
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    Ho boy.

    Now picture that full-grown an weighing TONS. That's my situation.

    For my hens it's hot dogs and English Muffins. Rita, my little Red X Link hen, JUMPS onto my arm to make me drop the plate. No more English Muffin. And when we eat or dinners/hot dogs outside, they either pretend to be caually drifting towards us, eating grass, then LUNGE for it, or hop up onto the table and beg. Yeah. Precious, but annoying.

    There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to discourage them. Sure, you can not give them anything when they beg, but they'll melt your heart and you'll give it to them anyway.
    Quote:She is absolutely RIGHT!

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