I've got ZHU ZHU PETS!!


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Sep 14, 2008
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I went to walmart yesterday, and they had 2 sets of 4 hamsters, so I snatched them up!

I still haven't decided where I'm going to sell the other set at, ebay is bringing good money on these things, but I know there are a lot of BYCers that are looking for them. What to do?
I might be nice and have a giveaway/swap for them, I haven't decided yet.

What do you all think I should do?
I let my son have one of his yesterday, I must say it is just the cutest thing!!
I can see why these are so popular!
Our Walmart can't keep them in stock. Every time I go they're always gone.
That's the one and only thing that my daughter has asked for Christmas wouldn't ya know.

Rainstorm - it's a toy hampster at Walmart.
I'm sure I just got lucky. When I went there on (Thursday? Friday?) all they had was 3 of the 'houses', and they have the 'go-go pets' names on them. Everything else (also with go-go pets names) was gone. I went yesterday, and they still had the 3 houses, but had 2 sets of 4 hamsters and some beds/carry cases (now with zhu zhu pets names). So I got 2 of the houses and the hamsters. I got one of the beds, but since I have a boy, I didn't think 'pink' would be a good color, and he didn't like the green. Plus I figure those are an even bigger waste of money, so I passed on getting any more of them.

I'm still debating on what to do with these extras, I would love to trade them, but I don't have any bator space at the moment
Maybe I should trade them for some welded wire? I need some of that
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I got some Zhu Zhu hamster for DD from WalMart. Even the shelves were empty but had to ask the clerk. Yes they do have them but they are putting a limit on them because too many people would buy ten or twenty at a time and selling them higher on Ebay. So you can only have a limit of two hamsters at a time. If they know you again or see you again, they will NOT sell it to you. WalMart is losing money that way but do I care? Nope, you bought the products and you can sell them anyway you like. As for me, it is for my daughter and bought it for ten dollars a piece and she is asking for a pet hamster (a real one!) and this would be a better subsitute than a real hamster.
YES!!!! Good for you!!!! They are cute, huh? My daughter had her birthday and got all 4 hamsters..they are so funny! I am going to ToysRus tomorrow to see if they have anymore, they said they may get them in!!!

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