Ive had ducks for 7 days and just fed them their normal crumbled feed what can I give them for treats, veggies and healthy food

Duck mommy 2019

Apr 1, 2019
mine all go crazy for mealworms, minnows, and peas. my boys love banana but my girls don’t like it too much. their favorite thing is a cucumber, tomato, romaine salad with mealworms sprinkled on top. we give them worms and veggies everyday but limit fruit to like 3x a week. also peas and corn cause weight gain so shouldn’t be daily.


Crossing the Road
Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
If you are going to feed them treats other than their duck food you must supply a little dish of chick grit for them. Give it to them in a little dish on the side. Do not mix it with their food.

Now, if they are outside already and are digging around in the dirt you won't need it but until they are the grit is necessary for digestion.

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