I've read a lot, but just can't figure out what's wrong with Bonny

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    2 years old
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    Eats organic layer pellets plus kitchen leftovers about twice a week (oatmeal, pasta, squash).
    Lives with one other chicken who plucks Bonny's neck feathers.
    Her poop was watery and had some green, yellow, and white specks a few days ago, but the weather has been too windy and rainy to get a recent look.
    The tips of her comb are a little purplish today.

    She's been standing on one leg with her head scrunched down with eyes closed a lot for about a week. She alternates legs and, upon inspection, they look fine.
    She's recently began her first molt. The signs being: losing feathers, not "squatting" for me, and very grumpy when I pick her up.
    I would add that she's not laying, but that's normal for her. She has probably only laid twice in the last 6 months, and only about 1 per month before that. She's not acted like she's laying unternally, like another one I once had. But her belly is usually plump, red, and has no feathers. The plump belly was usually squishy.

    Since I just noticed her purple comb, I came in and began reading here. I then went out to check for lice/mites. Didn't find any under her vent or wings, but she has really lost weight! I instantly felt her crop. It was a normal size and firm.

    Her weight loss could be due to the molt, but I don't recall my other hen standing there looking like she was in pain the way Bonny looks.
    Any thoughts?
  2. robin416

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Try upping her protein. Using a high protein game bird feed is good but a little excessive for two birds. I keep frozen, unbreaded fish fillets in my freezer for emergencies. You can offer some tuna fish, chopped hard boiled egg, or whatever you might have around that has no spices and not a lot of salt.

    Some birds have a terrible time while molting and are very painful.
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    You might try to use Wazine on her and then Ivermax in 2 weeks. I think you may look closely at worms being her issue.

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