I've stooped to a new low!


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Feb 22, 2007
Had some hatching eggs shipped in from across country. Put them under broodies rather than rely on the Lil Giant thinking I'd get better results. All due to hatch this weekend or so. Of the 3 hens, 2 did very very well. As for the 3rd broody, well last night however, we found an egg/chick discarded with a perfectly formed chick that appeared to have almost hatched. Scratch one.

This morning, another loss, only this time I could see the chick still wrapped perfectly in its membrane sack, but the shell had nearly been picked clean off. Just a few crumbles left on the outside, the chick of course, dead from exposure. Grrr. I lifted her fanny further to inspect her two remaining eggs. I discoverd one chick which had literally JUST hatched, and another egg pipping. I thought about it, but decided not to trust the hen any further.... (and yes, she has ample food & H20)

So here I sit - waiting for the incubator to come up to temp, coat on, arms folded with a new chick resting in the crook of one arm, and another literally hatching in the crook of my other arm. Oh, the drama.

Well, at least I'll have two new chicks for the experience.


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Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
Mean ole mama. Hang in there and try to stay cool, hard to do when trying to keep them warm. Sheesh what a mess.

Good luck and post pics

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