Ivermectin Question

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Jan 22, 2010
Nottingham, England
Hi, sorry if I have posted in the wrong place but wasnt sure which one!! I have just done my 6 monthly routine Ivermectin/harkamectin drops to the ladies and think that two of them are going broody. I am sorry if this is a silly question but will it be ok to let the chicks hatch? as I know there is a withdrawal period on eating the eggs. Hope this makes sense. Many thanks.
Hi and thankyou. Any more ideas please. I just thought that because its recommended not to eat the eggs of hens which have been treated with ivermectin, then would it be safe to let the ladies go broody and (fingers crossed) hatch some chicks for me. I'm not sure how long the drops last for (6 months I'm presuming). I know this sounds silly but if a chick hatched now and then laid her own egg would they be safe to eat? Abit long winded I know, and I should of thought before I did the drops, but I do like to keep on top of things so they all stay healthy.

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