Jack - The Dirt Doodle


VA Royal Blues
10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
I went down to feed the chickens the other morning and it had been raining. One of my dogs, Jack (I call him Jack Doodle) went with me and, of course, decided to take a roll in the chickens' dust bath. I had to bring him in and bathe him before I could start work. He looks so cute and pitiful. Here are a couple of pictures of him right afterwards.


I have a 1-yr-old Catahoula x Blue Heeler puppy and EVERY time I let him out he heads full speed ahead fo rthe duck pond (kiddie pool), dives in, lays in it and splashes water, then gets out and rolls in the dirt. And he wonders why he's an outside dog.
He is part beagle and part terrier of some type. He is a rescue, so who knows? LOL. He is a spoiled brat, but he is really such a good boy.

Here is Jack when he is clean.


These are my 2 other rescues.

Finn - He is also part terrier and part something else.


Kit - No clue what she is.


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Aww..they're all cute!
In the last pictures (kit) She looks just like a dog i had..she was a min pin/ pappy mix....
Thanks RedHen. They are all such good dogs-have never once attempted to go after a chicken. They dust bathe with the chickens and the chickens crawl all over them and they just lay there.

Kit has really big ears and a really strange tail. We say that her head is part fox and her behind is part deer. LOL.

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