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  1. Just had another attack involving a bobcat here. It happened about three oclock in the afternoon.

    My upstairs deck looks down unto our backyard where we have the coop and run. The flock was out free ranging.

    I just happened to look down from the deck when I was shocked to see a bobcat right in front of the coop door. He must of heard me as we made instant eye contact. As my eyes focused in I realized he had my Brabanter rooster in his mouth! I screamed and headed down the stairs into the back yard. Everything started moving in slow motion. I realize now that scream was a life changer for my roo Jake.

    By the time I finally made it into the yard the bobbie was gone....Jake lay motionless several feet from the chain link fence and another hen was laying by the fence with her head ripped off. I couldnt bear to look so my son who was now there also had to tell me that her head was there near her.

    So this bobcat jumped a 6 foot chain link fence with barbed wire, killed one hen and then headed back to the coop to get more. I dont know if Jake jumped out in front to sacrifice himself or what but he ended up almost being the second victim.

    About a minute later I almost had a heart attack when I saw Jake get up from where the bobcat dumped him. I really could not believe it. At first I thought he was going to be very mangled. So being the big chicken I am, I told my son to go and see if he was indeed mangled. By the way let me tell you that my son is 33 so you dont think I am making a child do this......
    My son Chad said, Mom he looks alright! I really could not believe this. My son buried our hen and I started watching Jake to see how he was. After several hours went by I realized he must either be in shock or he had internal injuries. He was standing but not eating, drinking or moving around.

    I decided to just watch him closely....
    The next day was the same, Jake wasnt eating, drinking and he was not roosting. I thought oh no, I hope he didnt survive this just to starve to death from shock or some internal injury.
    That night I set up a little hospital in the garage with a heat lamp and some fresh food and water. He didnt snap out of it. I knew he would soon be gone if he didnt eat or drink.
    I made a decision to return him to the flock. I thought if he was going to die he would be happier to go with his flock. I also decided I wasnt going to let that happen if I could do anything about it.
    I started by getting my dogs syringe for medications. I first began by squirting water mixed with honey in his mouth several times day. He would take some in but still wasnt getting better. So I went to Wal-Mart and got some baby rice cereal. I started giving him that along with some cocont oil several times a day. Then I offered him some dry masa flour mixed with water and yogurt. He still wasnt moving around at all and this went on for 6 long days.

    And then things changed.... I couldnt believe when I finally saw him tilt his head down and reach for a drink of water on his own!!!!I was so happy.

    He has been doing fine since then which has been 3 weeks now.That scream saved his life. I hope this can help someone else somehow and I thought Jakes story surely does need to be told. Maybe it can help save another chicken...

    Yeah for Jake!!!
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  2. chicklover 1998

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    Sep 30, 2015
    Awsome story, I'm glad jake lived he's a beauty.

    BBQJOE Songster

    Sep 25, 2015
    Void where prohibited.
    I'm also glad that jake survived. That's a lot of work!
  4. missabrain

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    Feb 3, 2016
    Western Washington
    So glad he's okay! I'm pretty sure I heard a bobcat out in our woods the other night. I paranoidly checked my coop/run all evening.
  5. duckmanjim

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    Apr 2, 2015
    What I find so interesting is the bobcat made a kill and didnt leave with it but rather went for another bird! How often do we see on here that chickens get their heads ripped off and we blame raccoons!! I wonder how many were from bobcats??
  6. Yes, your right. That is one of the reasons I wanted to tell the story. I was anxious to hear if anyone had any ideas as to why the bobbie killed and didnt take the chicken. Then went for another one. It doesnt make sense to me. And when I spotted bobbie with Jake it was not close to where the first hen was killed.
    Thanks for all the well wishes and your thoughts regarding this......

  7. aart

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    My Coop

  8. Thanks for the info aart. I did not know that about the larger predators. I guess it makes sense. I am glad he just got one, it could of been a lot worse. I am thinking of getting a baby monitor for down there, That way I can hear whats going on. The door was closed that day because it was very cold. I usually have the door to the deck open so I can hear when the roosters give the predator call.
    Thanks again
  9. cluckcluckhens

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    May 4, 2015
    I also read while back that cougars don't like loud noise at all. It says if any show up bang anything together to make a loud noise like pots and pans or what ever you have. I have mine ready. I've seen a very small bobcat months ago but only one and same goes for my hubby, he seen it too. I'm thinking some of the wild animals probably don't like loud noise. So glad Jake is alright now. We lost ours last year when it was mourning the loss of two hens, it's a different kind of loss compared to humans. I still miss them all!

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