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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by IggiMom, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. IggiMom

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    Apr 12, 2009
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    I got this wonderful big batch of Heritage Rhode Island Red eggs from Taterschickens yesterday, and put them in the incubator today.[​IMG]

    I never saw such a packing job, not a cracked egg among them, and she sent WAY more than I paid for. I have such high hopes for these eggs.

    This is my first hatch of the season.

    Anyone else put eggs in today?

    I usually start eggs in JUNE so they will start laying in winter and lay all winter, but last year I did not have eggs to see because my hens went into molt and pretty much did not lay for three months. So I am going to hatch some out early like this and ALSO some in June, just to be sure I have eggs all along.

    That is what pays the feed bill!


  2. pinkchick

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    May 30, 2008
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    I'm in....I'll hatch with you Iggi!

    I have some chick orders I am working on....should have put them in the bator 2 days ago but time did not permit. Just went through the cartons and tossed the oldest eggs and replaced them with yesterdays fresh ones.

    Ready.....set.....go! [​IMG]
  3. IggiMom

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    Apr 12, 2009
    West Virginia
    Oh, great!

    I think I'll go pick the eggs in the chicken coop and add a couple of my prettiest ones to them. Only thing is, they most likely won't be purebred, but still, I'd like to see what comes out. [​IMG]

    I'll grab a dark brown one, and one from one of the Wheaten Americauna hens, I'll see what is there.

    The ones I put in there already, Heritage RIR's from Taterschicken. Very nice eggs.

  4. duckluck

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    Oct 22, 2009
    I'll be setting some Golden Comet hybrids tonight, which will likely be my last batch...I now have 5! call duck eggs that have veins developing in the 1202, and another four stored to be set here in a couple of days. I'm going to dedicate my machines to my ducks now instead of messing around with mixed hatches, now that the ducks seem to be starting to kick it into gear...without any real help on my part, I might add. So yeah, I'll hatch with you! I am planning this to be my last hatch on chicken eggs because I don't keep chickens...these three hatches have all been freebie eggs for eggs-perimenting with incubators. My real thing is the ducks. This hatch will be the trial run of my Model 50 Humidaire. At last candling, it appeared that we have 8 viable contenders out of 12, with two "maybes" and two "probably nots". Which is not bad considering these eggs were laid in the cold snap and I have no way of knowing how long they were in the coop before they were gathered.
  5. IggiMom

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    Apr 12, 2009
    West Virginia
    I have some Golden Comets ordered from Cackle Hatchery to come right about when these hatch out, also five EE's coming.

    I put two pretty blue eggs in there, and one brown egg, probably a Welsummer mama.

    I will candle these in six days. Or sooner, if I cannot keep my hands off them.

    BTW, you are doing some very interesting things, Wow.

  6. IggiMom

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    Apr 12, 2009
    West Virginia
    [​IMG]I am trying to wait until Tuesday to candle these dark eggs, to be sure that I can see something--but I just HAD to candle a few tonight!

    Every egg that I candled had some veining and some movement. It is a little hard to see so soon, but still, I could see something.

    These are great eggs and I know I am going to be so happy with the chickens!

    I am trying not to count my chickens before they are hatched.

    I have had a little trouble with the temp in the LG, because it is getting really cold at night, and the heat in my little room is on, but a little hard to regulate. But it is staying pretty good. I am more afraid of heat that is too high than too low.

    I do see with that the temp has gone down to 97 at night a couple times, but every time I checked the water wiggler the temp was at 100.

    Anyone else put eggs in on the Jan. 23?


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