Janet & I DESPERATELY need help.


11 Years
Jan 29, 2008
S.W Pa.
We are going to our first local "buy, sell swap" for critters tomorrow and we need y'all to pray that we have the strength to go in our car and not our truck and leave all our cages and check book at home .
I agree load the cages tonight, that way you will have time to swing by the ATM for extra cash.

Remember to post pics of the newbies when you get home....lol

What's the fun in going if you don't come home with something you shouldn't have bought? LOL
The only reason I didn't leave with an animal from First Monday in Canton, Texas when I went is because I couldn't fit a Jenny on the airplane I was flying back on.

I did buy a very nice bit for one of my bridles and got to show it to all the airport security when they wondered what it was because I "had" to carry it in my carry-on.

Yes load up the cages. Course, laps are made for carrying animals home too.

Can't wait to see the pics of the new additions to your family!
We used to take our van so we wouldn't bring home something we shouldn't... we gave up and started taking the truck. So you might as well load the cages and take the truck now...learn from my mistakes.


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