*Japanese Bantam Breeders: How to Import into Utah?


12 Years
Mar 26, 2011
This is Utah's Importing Regulations:
"R58-6-3. Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.
All poultry and hatching eggs entering Utah must have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection or a National Poultry Improvement Plan Certificate and an entry permit; except birds for immediate slaughter consigned directly to a licensed slaughtering establishment. For an entry permit, this number may be called during business hours: (801) 538- 7164.

R58-6-4. Pullorum-Typhoid Rating for Imported Poultry.
A. No poultry, hatching eggs or baby chicks shall be brought, shipped, or otherwise introduced into the State of Utah by any person, individual or corporation that does not originate from flocks or hatcheries that have a Pullorum-Typhoid Clean rating given by the official state agency of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) of the state or country of origin, or

B. Poultry entering Utah from a flock or hatchery which does not have a clean rating through NPIP certification must have been tested negative for Salmonella Pullorum, Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG),M. synoviae (MS), M. meleagridis (MM), within the last 30 days."

Here's What I Want: (I'm still looking for the chicken I want to import or buy)
I want to get a winning show chicken (SQ), a Japanese Bantam rooster when the right one is available. I understand that I have to pay for the shipping and the actual rooster and any hens I might buy to accompany him on the trip.

Do I need to do anything more than that (I can't get NPIP certified in Southern Utah because they(the people at the lab) won't travel 6+ hours to meet my flock)?

How about the person shipping the SQ Japanese Bantam (other than being NPIP or having the bird tested)?

Thanks and if anyone knows a good breeder with some winning birds or older winning birds (3yrs and under) that they'd like to sell let me know - I know exactly what I'm looking for. Here's some pictures to help give you an idea: (thanks google imgs)

I like this boy a lot but I like the comb a little more red.

This pullet is just fine.

Exactly What I want In a rooster.


I like this guy a lot too.


What I want in a hen.


VERY much like this guy.

And if you need more refrences just let me know.
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