Japanese Bantams Fertility?


11 Years
May 23, 2011
I am new here, but I love all the information and help from all the members. I recently got 2 Japanese bantams and 2 Yokohama chicks from my feed store. The chicks will be two weeks on Sunday! I have a really good feeling that both of the Yokohama chicks are boys and both of the bantams are girls, but I'm not sure, just guessing. I was wondering if I did actually have two (or possibly more) males, would they fight? I was also wondering if the japanese bantams are good at laying fertile eggs. Thanks!
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I am not familiar with the Japanese bantams, but you may want to post your question on the Japanese bantam thread in the Breeds & Genetics section. I am sure someone will be able to help you there.
I have 5 japanese bantam egss in the bator right now that all apear fertle...just have to wait and see how they come out
I have 1 roo and 4 hens and they all lay an egg everyday! Such good little layers

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