Japanese Fluff? I think NOT.


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Apr 26, 2012
Sibley, Louisiana
I bought these sweet hens from a friend of a friend and she called them Japanese Fluff chickens, but they look like Polish to me, . . .
What do ya'll think? They are molting so they look a little rag tag - but thet sure are sweet natured.

They look like 100% Japanese fluff chickens to me;) ha-ha.

Nah, they really look like Polish's:)
LOL, Ikr?! Well, I do live in the south, and we are famous for making up names & B.S ing our way through when we don't know the proper answer or name about something.
I came home a googled it. . . silly me.
Look what you did! Now, if someone ever googles "Japanese fluff" they are going to find images of your pretty and sweet Polishs! ; ). You have altered the Internet in a totally new way!
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