Japanese quail not well


In the Brooder
Mar 28, 2018
Hi, i have one Japanese quail that i am currently keeping indoors (as she started to look unwell and it was snowing) I noticed a few weeks ago that she kept shaking her leg and was a bit unstable. I kept an eye on her and nothing changed however over the past few days she has lost a bit of weight and is not well. She sits hunched up most of the time ( she is usualy active and likes to walk about the house) and does watery poo's. I noticed that some of them are green and watery and she hasn't eaten nearly anything (she is usualy a mini food monster on the quiet). Yesterday one of her poos resembled nothing of a poo but rather more like her insides with a patch of red and a long stretchy substance. Im I'm very worried as she has recently done another water poo with black/green ball like bits in the centre. She layed one soft egg with a lump of white on the side. If anyone can give advice asap on how to help/medicate or even what it is that would be great thanks.

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