Java Green Peafowl Call [any of you got samples ?]


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Hello everyone !

I read somewhere that the Green Peacock's call differed from the India Blue one ?
Are there any of you who got any videos, or sound records of that "Ki-wao" they make ?
Or could any of you who owns green fowls record it ?

I wonder if that's really so different ~

Thanks in advance, I couldn't find any threads in the forum, nor any vids on the internet -maybe I'm not looking in the right place ?- so I thought maybe...Maybe some of you may have some samples on this. c:
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Pavo imperator from Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam. From these records, Imperator sounds a bit like Indian Peafowl but somewhat softer in tone.

The video that MinxFox posted is likely Pavo imperator siamensis found in Cambodia. The female does look a little strange, her feathers are more ruffled and the head appears small compared to the amount of facial skin.

The female in the second video is an Annamensis, probably Cambodian subspecies. At one angle it looks almost like a male.

The second-to-last video is Javanensis found in Baluran National Park.

Imperator are louder than most Green Peafowl as the syrinx structure is similar to that of Indian Peafowl. They two are more related than they are to other Green Peafowl.

Spicifer, one of the more primitive Green Peafowl, is much more silent than Imperator.
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Wow that is great. I have been really wanting to hear more of their calls it sounds so beautiful. It is similar to the India blue call but without so much emphasis. What kind of call was the one in the video I posted? Is that a locating call?
here's an Indian Peacock making a different sort of call at 0:48 We can also see how well the peachicks fly at an early age.

Somehow I think WILD Indian Peafowl have more complex calls. At many zoos, Indian Peafowl often make just one kind of call, the typical "araaaaaaaoww!" sound. If Green Peafowl were raised with Indian Peafowl foster parents, they might try to call like Indian Peafowl.

I think wild Indian Peafowl be that Sri Lankan or nominate are much more fascinating than the captive ones. They're almost as lean as Green Peafowl. Captive Peafowl are "poor fliers" because they have been domesticated and are generally more chubby than wild birds. I like the call that Indian Peafowl do when they "attack" the female, like scooping with the train and causing the female to jump. (it's a "thaaaaa-ooooooooo!") sort of sound.

I'm not sure what kind of call it is, maybe Resolution knows more about it. I also remember him mentioning that Annamensis pairs do duet calls...

Pavo muticus - the Mute Peacock really fits the habit of most Green Peafowl, lol Malaysian Muticus is more related to annamensis and spicifer so it is more silent than imperator.

I'm not sure what's the last audio file of the link. It could be a female or a male. it makes a "kuk... kukukuk -raohohohohhh"
Oh I was beaten to post

But they sound great, amazingly great !
The last audio reminds me of a video Andy posted on Photobucket, here :

Those records are awesome ! My favourite has to be the first one, such majestic sounds they make ! ~
I had readen that even in the wild they make different sounds, but then again, those may not necessarily be true.
The sound the IB peacock made in the vid, peafowls at my zoo make it as well, plus some others including the usual "Aaah ! Aaaah !" and the "Aaaoooh" ones.
But would spaldings make the same sound ? If with a high percent of Green in their genes ?
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you mean Spauldings, it would be interesting to hear their sounds.

I think that last audio file is a young male seeing Andy's bird makes the same sound.

Rene Martin's Imperator Cattiensis, the same subspecies as in the audio files:
The male flies up and makes a call at the end.
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