Jealous geese attacking chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Cane Toad, Dec 5, 2012.

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    So our family has 2 pet brown Chinese geese. They are very friendly towards our family and the dog, anyone else is just evil in their eyes, including the harmless chickens.
    Our family is getting chickens of our own in a month. Right now for the past few weeks we have been looking after our grandma’s chooks. They are very small little hens and roosters. They jump on my shoulder, and sit in my lap, the problem is whenever anyone of our family is within 12m of the chickens they get jealous and start shaking, just their neck. For those of you how have geese you will get what i mean, you people who don't they just get freaked out by the chickens and get jealous and angry so they start shaking. The other day i was just sitting down and patting a chicken in my lap and along come the geese, and attack the poor little hen. Then the rooster who wouldn't eat a fly comes over in my direction and the geese go after it. They took out a few of his feathers.
    I'm really worried because these chickens can fit in my hand they are so small so a good bite or peck from the geese could kill them. We are getting the same type of chickens in a few weeks, plus there will be some babies as well! So the geese could kill them.
    Has anyone had the same problem, do you know anything i could do to stop the geese, and how to get them used to the chooks because pretty soon they will be chickens in the yard 24/7.

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