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Sep 9, 2008
Jeffrey was a lone guinea keet in the bin at Orscheln's in Sept. '09. I bought him an EE pullet for company and brought them home and raised them in a brooder in my bedroom. When he was old enough to go outside, I put him with my 2 BO/Leghorn crosses and all was well until spring. Last spring he was so aggressive that I had to put him and his buddy (the EE) in a separate pen. Now he has driven her out, too. The EE and BO cross like to hang out next to his pen but if I let him out he terrorizes them. He is bonded with all the chickens and really loses it if they move out of his sight. They all sleep in the same place at night, with wire dividers. So here's the question: if I bought him a couple of guinea hens, would he settle down or still just want to be with his chickens? My town has a 10 bird limit and I currently have 8.ETA Iforgot to mention that I'm pretty sure he's a vegetarian. I've never seen him eat a bug. He does love honeysuckle and other greens.
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Feb 6, 2007
I hope everyone who is new to Guineas will read your post because it tells a lot.

Guineas, more than our chickens, need a larger flock to be easy to deal with and to get them to not go after the chickens as their genetics demand.

You "might" be better off getting one male. That gives him a natural sparring partner and it "might" get the both of them to leave the chickens alone.

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