Jelly Egg,


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
One of my four month old hens just started laying recently. I know that sometimes a chickens first egg is "Jelly." But she has been laying for about a week now and there is no change. We always have access to oyster shells for them, but she is the only one that doesnt eat it. Shes always sleepy, standing in a corner; staring out into space. She eats ther regular chicken food sometimes, but very slowly, but she is a good drinker. Even for my chickens favorite food, Scratch, she barly budges. I am worried about her, and I want her eggs to start harding up. What should I do? I put some oyster shells in with their water today, so I hope she drinks it and gets the calcium. Any other suggestions? Is she okay?
I am no expert but I've had afew of these eggs as well. Providing the oyster shell is good. With mine I was mixing the Layer food with a little leftover flock raiser and chick starter food as well as giving them old bread and other goodies . I went to all layer food and now limit the "junk food" and things are much better. Good luck!
I have one that is doing that and I grind up the oyster shell in my magic bullet and mix it in yogurt for a nightly treat, we will see if that helps. Mine never touch the crushed shell think they dont like it so big or the texture or something. However mixed in yogurt or cottage cheese it magically disappears!

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