Jelly Egg,


8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
One of my four month old hens just started laying recently. I know that sometimes a chickens first egg is "Jelly." But she has been laying for about a week now and there is no change. We always have access to oyster shells for them, but she is the only one that doesnt eat it. Shes always sleepy, standing in a corner; staring out into space. She eats ther regular chicken food sometimes, but very slowly, but she is a good drinker. Even for my chickens favorite food, Scratch, she barly budges. I am worried about her, and I want her eggs to start harding up. What should I do? I put some oyster shells in with their water today, so I hope she drinks it and gets the calcium. Any other suggestions? Is she okay?
I remember when our red sex-links started laying we got jellies. I think we saw them for a couple weeks before they started looking like normal ones. But I'm not sure. I can say that I have had the same thing happen with my hens lol
You could roll oyster shells in a small (Table spoon) amount of can cat food and then just feed that to your young hen. That should be a big help to her problem
I have one 6 month old NHR that is laying jelly eggs. Have no clue why. Oyster shell available next to the feed, active, healthy, just started though...I think so....

I am hoping as time goes on. it improves....???

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