Jenny Craig? Nutrisystem?

I've never tried them, but I do have an opinion. I think they work as long as you are on them. Once you start eating as you normally would the weight comes back. To me it makes more sense to change and tailor your diet to healthier choices on your own than it is to pay big money for a company like Nutrisystem to do it for you.

I am about 25 lbs. heavier than I'd like to be. A combination of medicines I take for my medical conditions make me blow up like a balloon. I fought the weight gain by trying several different diets, but the weight never stayed off. I even discontinued some of the meds. on my own, against my dr's advice, because I hated the weight gain. Big mistake. When my DH found out what I had done he told me that he'd rather me be a little overweight than to be in pain 24/7. So now I don't mess with my meds. but I am making smarter choices about what I do eat and the weight is coming off.
Thanks Gritty
Keeping things in perspective for me. It's just very hard when I'm by myself here while everyone's at work or school and my MIL buys my most favorite of store bought cakes, the Paula Deen Chocolate Pound Cake and it's sitting on the counter. I have 0, zero, zilch will power but then I look in the mirror and I just tear up at how I've let myself go. Just stinks....and I'm the only one who can change it...
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I lost 160 pounds on Nutrisystem.

However, I didn't take the time to learn new habits. Once I lost the weight I went right back to my old bad habits.

IF you follow the program and relearn good eating habits, it is awesome. I am the one who didn't do it right. But it does work. It is not a miracle cure all. YOU have to want to change, not just lose weight. ANyoe can lose weight. IT is keeping it off in a healthy manner that is hard.
Sunny is the bet motivator! My doctor told me he wanted 30 pounds off of me in the next 6 months
I know it's going to be hard but I am determined to do it. I was thinking about one of these programs but I don't have the money to pay for any of them so I'm going to have to do it all based on willpower. If I can turn down a cheesecake with raspberry sorbet on top (my all time fave!) Then you can do it to
I bet in 6 months we both look at this thread and smile because we did it!
I just think it would help me get on the right track as far as eating is concerned. Like this morning for instance; get up get the kids off, get the animals squared away, drink my cup or two of coffee, piddle around the house or go outside, get on the computer, piddle around, shower in there somewhere, by 11am I'm shaking since I haven't eaten and then I start eating anything that's handy. So if I had something that is already there in front of me that says here this is breakfast, then here this is lunch, and so on. I feel like I'm 2 years old but I feel like that's what I need. If I could start losing I could maintain it. It's just the food part. Because I also HATE to cook and that's not good on any of us even though I do.

Ok bt03 your on!!! 6 months we can do it!

You can do it!

Being a certified night person I can't stand to eat first thing in the morning, but I have to so that my meds. don't tear my stomach up. I just make it a point to keep healthy choices in the house - usually fruit, some veggies that I prefer raw, yogurt and hard boiled eggs so I can grab something real quick, eat it before I'm even totally awake and have time to think about it. So breakfast I eat whether I want it or not, the rest of the day I only eat when I'm hungry.
Ever heard of Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar diet? Though I no longer strictly follow the diet, I do try to avoid foods made with white flour and sugar. Can drop a few pounds easily if you do.

Good luck

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