Jerking head and very vocal

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    Mar 18, 2014
    I have one pullet that about 21 weeks old and she's always been the vocal one....noticed about a month ago that she shakes/jerks her head a lot and now it seems to be almost constant.

    She just walks around jerks her head to the side, she will sometimes scratch the side of her head but not constantly and is almost always doing the chicken purr/growl (similar to the noise when they first started laying) and she's the only one out of 30 that is doing this. I have checked her all over, no signs of lice, mites, I don't see anything strange in her mouth or throat, I don't see anything around her ears. But I will admit that I have NO IDEA where the ear canal is :oops:

    They were vaccinated for Mareks and cocci from the hatchery. Could this just be her (she's my only speckled Sussex pullet) or is there something that I need to do? When I pick her up to check her, she will finally quiet down and no shaking then.

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