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Feb 28, 2018
I am having some issues with my first hatch. Previously posted about and working on resolution. Otherwise, does anyone weight their baby chicks regularly? I am looking for average weights. I have 3 salmon that carry between 80-92 grams a piece, an Ameraucana that weighs 70 grams, and two Jersey Blue (one is 52 grams the other is 30 grams) they are all the same age, but this seems like huge variations. I am very new to the baby chick raising. My smallest blue is lethargic, acting cold, fluffing neck feathers. I have read a possibility of coccidiosis even without bloody poops. I have been treating for a few days, and she is isolated from the others. I just added my smaller blue with her because of her getting bullied for food and water too. They were all exposed to each other when initial symptoms started and all being treated.
Sharing how you are keeping your chicks may help. Temperature you are brooding at, how many chicks together, size of brooder, feeding stations.

Sometimes they act like that when cold, and sometimes they aren't formed right and go downhill in the first few weeks.

I personally haven't dealt with coccidiosis as my chicks don't get on wet ground until they are past the point of building immunity. In a clean fresh brooder coccidiosis shouldn't happen.

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