Jersey Giant Info needed!

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by katlovesaandw, Sep 28, 2010.

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    Apr 1, 2008
    Ok, we had read all the info on this breed and knew we wanted to add one to our flock! But now we are confused!LOL

    We got Jethrine in March sometime as a tiny chick and had our friend raise her until she was able to be out in the coop! He was raising several others for us as well, so no biggie.

    It is now almost October and we are seeing spurs on Jethrine. No other rooster behavior so far, but they(her spurs) are as large as the BCM Roo(he crowed!) we ended up with and had to rehome(cant have them in Portland city limits) and you can see them from 10 feet away. Hubby says about 1/3 of an inch out on her leg and have grown larger in the past 2 weeks.

    So, our question is..... since JG's mature so much slower..... could Jethrine be a Jethro? And if so, when should "she" start crowing, etc.? And no rooster squat or eggs from her yet that we have seen.
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    Pictures would really help. [​IMG] (funny - the dad to my JG's was named Jethro)

    Jersey Giants are indeed slow growers, but by 5 months all mine crowed and were definitely boys. Saddle, Sickle, and Hackle feathers equipped. There are such things as hens with spurs though.

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