Jet's Fight: Chapter 8


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Hi everyone. I decided to write a story on here, for once! Sorry if my grammar isn't sharp.

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I, the great PolishSilkies45 claim this story. Please do not copy it or write a similar story to it. I've worked hard on this, and I don't want to see it copied!

(Credit to The Red Rooster for helping with this cover)

Chapter 1 (Part 1)

"Just- keep... pecking..." a little Speckled Sussex chick thought as she tried to break out of this white- thing. Her energy was very low now. She breathed heavily.
"If I don't get out of this thing- I'm going to die! But... it's so hard," she moaned out loud. Suddenly, she fell crop-first. She had pecked her way out!
"Yes!! That's over," she thought, relieved. She looked down though, and saw another version of her, only it wasn't moving- and it was lying on its side!
"A-are you okay?" she chirped. The chick did not reply. As she examined it closer, he was big and mushy.
"Do you need any help," she peeped. Still no answer.
"Don't worry about him," a male voice chirped.
"Huh?" she spun around to see who was talking to her.
"He didn't survive the hatch," the voice peeped.
"What?!" she asked, stunned.
"He stayed in his egg too long," the other chick said. "We're all late."
"For what?" she asked.
"We're a little more than 24 hours late for hatching," he explained.
"Could that have happened to me?" she asked.
"Could've happened to any of us," he said.
Suddenly, they were both picked up and placed inside a big cardboard arena. To their left their was a big, long green "thing," and another "thing" that had clear wet stuff in it. Hovering over them there was a large red light, not to mention the other chicks around them.
"Where are we," the Sussex chirped, kicking the human hand as she was being put down.
"I think we're in the brooder now," the other chick cheeped.
"This is so boring," another chick complained nearby.
"So, uh," the chick began, "what do we do here?"
"Just eat and sleep, I guess," the other chick replied.
"Hey! A Speckled Sussex," a black chick remarked, walking up to the couple.
"What?! Let me see," a nearby grey chick asked.
"What's your name," the black chick asked.
"What? No, I don't have one," the Speckled Sussex said.
"Oh, sure you do! Mine's Jazzy," she said. "I'm a Barred Rock."
"And I'm Nettie," she said. "I'm an awesome Blue Andalusian!"
"Well, I guess," the Sussex began, "I'll go by Gingernut."
"Hey, that's a cool name," Jazzy complimented.
"Well since everyone else has one," the Buff Orphington said, "I'll go by Fenix."
"Well," Gingernut said, "I'm tired. I'm going to go take a nap."

The next morning, everything was chaotic. Everyone in the brooder was running around like crazy, screaming loudly. It woke Gingernut up.
"What is going on?!?!?" Gingernut asked Jazzy in a panic.
"T-they're chicknapping us!!!" Jazzy screamed. The human hand reached down and grabbed a yellow chick. She screamed.
"Let me go!!! Let me go!!!" she cried, kicking the hand and flapping her wings. She was placed inside a cardboard box with a few holes in it. The hand then reached down and grabbed Jazzy.
"Put me down! Put me down," Jazzy chirped. She was placed inside the same cardboard box.
"Jazzy!" Gingernut cried.
The human hand then grabbed Fenix and put him in the box. Finally, it grabbed Gingernut and placed her in the box.
"Is everyone okay," Fenix asked.
"Where's Nettie," Jazzy asked.
"Where are we," the yellow chick asked.
"Hush!" Gingernut shouted, quieting everyone down.
"Where's Nettie," Jazzy asked again.
"She's still in the brooder! Quick, Ginger, we need to get her," Fenix cried.
"How can we get out of this box," the yellow chick asked.
"Hush!" Gingernut shouted again. "If we aren't quiet, the humans might come up with more evil stuff to do to us!" Everyone was then quiet for the rest of the journey.

Soon, the cardboard box was opened.
"Sweet freedom!" Fenix cried, jumping up to roost on the edges.
"Fenix, get down," Gingernut scolded. He obeyed.
The humans picked them up and put them in a pentagon-shaped cage with shavings on the bottom. There was another thing which had that same clear stuff in it, and a round blue thing with some brown stuff in it.
"Water!!!" Fenix said, relieved after taking a sip of the water. Gingernut, Jazzy, and that yellow chick followed, and then ate the brown food.
"So," Jazzy asked the yellow chick, "What's your name?"
"Me? Oh, I'm Sunny," Sunny said. Everyone then lie down next to the food and water supply to take a nice nap after the meal and long, hard journey.

Gingernut was awoken to the human picking her up, once again.
"Hey, hey! What are you doing?! Put me down!" Gingernut demanded. She was placed outside with Jazzy, Sunny, and Fenix.
"Hey, what's happening," Fenix asked.
"Don't ask me," Jazzy replied.
Suddenly, they were both greeted by a White Rooster.

To be continued...
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Gingernut is such a cute name! I don't fully understand this, so NEED a second chapter!!!

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