Jim in San Diego


10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
San Diego
Hello! My name is Jim, my wife Nancy and I are recently retired. We have a modest home with a half acre city lot over a pretty canyon. We are zoned for 23 hens and one rooster, we haven't reached our limit yet. We have a variety of breeds, 8 hens and a young Jersey Black rooster, he needs a new home. I don't like to keep the noise makers. We like them as pets and for the eggs we share with friends.
I have built a super secure coop 8x8x8. The ladies run the yard daytime but we have some very determined predators at night. Dogs, coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, opossum, and something weird I can't identify. Maybe a coatimundi? Or a chupacabra?
I love to give out a beautiful multicolor dozen to someone who has never seen eggs not mass-produced. I have white, blue-green, tan, and light browns. I am very eager to add the very dark brown marans and sky blue araucana eggs! This is so much fun! Thanks, Jim
Welcome to the fun, Jim!! Remember we all love to see pictures and hope you'll post some when you have the chance.

Glad you joined us!!

The multicolor dozen are beautiful. Took my 99 year old mamaw a multicolor dozen the other day . She was amazed she did'nt know chicken layed colored eggs. She loves a egg Sandwich .

from NC
Welcome, Jim!
San Diego is so beautiful!! Start snapping some pics to share of your backyard flock!!! I can't wait!!

We're in Northern Maine, and would really enjoy some warm sunshine right about now!! Send some my way, if you would

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