Joe, Jack and Jill?


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
Is having 2 roo's more potential for trouble or asking for trouble? I have 3 silkies - ages 8-9 weeks. Would keeping them all if two are roos be an awful idea? They will be joined in the pen by my 4 LF girls - when my girls are about the same size - they are 4 weeks now.... Thanks for any guidance.....
I don't have much experience with silkies, but if silkie roos are as "spunky" as any other roo then you might have a problem with over mating- 2 roos to 5 hens would really wear your girls out. I think the general rule of thumb is closer to 7 hens per roo. Hope this helps! Maybe you could just add some more ladies.
Hmmm...more girls! DH will love that!

Thanks for responding!
My silkies are spunky and fiesty. Great talkers and complainers. If you really want to keep both roosters get more girls. We have seperate coops, runs and a place inside my layer house for all the girls to go for a summer vacation from the boys. It is so hot here in the summer and they are so broody prone. This works really well for us. Fun birds.

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