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    May 21, 2011
    Ginger spent all day, November 5, preparing a nest, three nests actually, one per nesting box in the chicken coop.

    On the morning of November 6, she created initial round depressions in the straw of the laying boxes, while her two sisters stood outside the nesting house door, watching with interest and no small amount of gossip. Both sisters got bored and abandoned her when she was still at it by afternoon, tucking one straw, then another, into her final, chosen box. She apparently finished by 3PM, because she jumped up, ran outside the coop, drank, ate and acted totally unconcerned the rest of the evening.

    She quietly laid her egg sometime the next morning without so much as a cackle. The failure to engage in a happy, "egg song" was surprising, given all the noise the previous day.

    She came to us as a day old chick on June 1st, 2015 and laid her first egg on November 6, 2015.

    So here she is a productive new member of the working community along with her product. Yay Ginger!

    Ginger is a Buff Orpington hen purchased as a day-old chick from the Murray McMurray Hatchery. Her sisters include Pepper, a black Australorp hen and Curry, a golden Wyandotte hen who refused to pose for this picture. I personally think she is a bit jealous, as she is the alpha of my small flock, and doubtless feels that she should have been the first to produce an egg.

    Ginger's career is clipping along at a good pace. She has produced one egg per day since her first. All subsequent egg laying episodes have been followed up with an appropriate, "egg song", which she shares on the stoop of the back door until we come out and acknowledge her efforts. So perhaps the silence on the morning of the first was simply the result of surprise.
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    Howdy Priscilla Feathers

    What a lovely story and congratulations to Ginger!

    As much as they prepare for it, I think that first egg can be a bit of surprise for them sometimes.

    I had a couple of girls lay their first egg not so long ago and they were very excited. Usually when someone sings the egg song, the rest of the flock sort of ignore them in a “yeah, yeah, big deal, we do that every day or so” kind of way but it was extra special to see them joining in the celebrations with the youngsters on their first egg; not so sure the neighbours would agree though [​IMG]
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    May 21, 2011
    These three hens were raised away from other chickens, so they haven't had anyone to set an example for them as far as the "egg song" goes. I was kind of hoping they wouldn't get into it as much as the chickens do at my brother's place. It's a cacophony over there most mornings, particularly since he's got a couple of roosters as well and they just love to cheer the girls on.

    However, Ginger has been belting away every day right after she leaves the coop so I guess it is all based on instinct. She does quiet right down when I walk outside to tell her what a great girl she is, but I'm imagining how much noise there will be when all three of them start laying. Up to now, the other two don't join her in her rapturous song, but once they have a clue what is going on, they may start. Eeeps.
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Way to go Ginger, congratulations! [​IMG]

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