Joint Replacement? Who else?????

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    Well, I am getting a 'new' knee on January 28th. I know this is going to hurt, and hurt bad as I have had bone surgery in the past. Despite that knowlege, will be SO relieved that I can picture the day I can actually do things pain free SOON! Like something simple such as taking a walk down the road with my dog with out regretting it for three days or more. Being able to climb stairs with out agony. Lifting weights, going snowshoeing, etc!!!

    I will have to go to rehab (nice term for nursing home) after for a week or so as I live alone. I am curious as to how long those of you with experience had for recovery to normal life again? Also looking for PT tips and stuff like what you would have done different or what worked great for you to get going again. I have a lot of great neighbors and co-workers who will pitch in and care for my poultry and other pets. I just want to be mobile by the time the snow melts.

    Help, help, help!!!!

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    Ok I have not had the procedure myself, but I have former co-worker who could barely walk her knees were so bad. She had a double replacement (OUCH) and within 4 weeks felt like she could do things she hadn't done for years. She has never regretted it.

    ETA: Rehab facilities are not nursing homes - I am some experience there. A Rehab facility is where you to to undergo intense physical therapy to get you up and running again. No old people that drool.
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    My husband had knee replacement on his right knee on 05/12 last summer and we found out that our deductible ran from July 1 - June 30. He had planned to have the second one done but we didn't know how fast we would have to schedule it to get it in the same deductible year.

    He had his second done on June 23. ~~~ Six weeks later.

    Do your exercises. My husband did his exercises at home three times a day and went to PT three times a week.

    I would push down on his knee to get him to straighten it. He would lay on the bed on his stomach and I would put a heavy book on his foot and let the weight of the book pull his leg down. Wall slides!!! Those are great.

    He would hold onto something and go up on tip toe.

    Your PT person will show you what you can do and do it as much as you can. The ice your knee down with bags of peas. [​IMG]

    My husband is delighted he had it done. His first went a little smoother, not sure why but he is still delighted. He has over 135 degrees range of motion on both knees now.

    Good luck!
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    Be diligent in doing your PT. Make sure you can straighten out your leg, if you can't you will have a limp for the rest of your life. The icebag will be your friend! I've not spoken to anyone yet who regrets having the surgery.
    Best of luck,

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