Joints on Hen legs not right, please help!!

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  1. Sweet-Pea's Grandma

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    Jan 24, 2007
    Hi Ya'll,

    I've hadn't had a lot of problems with my hens until about 3 weeks ago when a "dog" got into my chicken yard, anyway to make a long story short.... I ended up losing 3 hens. 2 hens are on the mend but it seems that 1 is having problems with her legs. when she walks she is unsteady and it her legs give out from under her.

    I don't think she broke any bones, but when she walks she puts one foot in front of the other not side by side, if you know what I mean, and when her legs give out it looks like the joints go out to the side, I don't think the joints are out of sockets, but, maybe so . When her legs give out she kinda has to back-up and squat to get her balance back this has been going on for 3 weeks now! I've kept her separated from the rest and just started letting her get out to mingle with them this week for a short period. It does seem that some of the other hens will jump on her , like they sense the weakness. She is about 2 years old. Any suggestion will be helpful, I don't have a vet anywhere close to carry her to, so any help or suggestion will be appreciated.


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  2. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    perhaps a slipped tendon? IF it is this then some have been successful at "popping" it back in place and then immobilizing the bird in such a way that it has time to heal , however if the bird has been this way for three weeks.... or does this happen sporadically? I know you say you dont have a vet near you but in this case I think you need one...
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    in her vulnerable condition, she shouldn't be left at the mercy of others bullying her, and inflicting more injury.

    she may not be eating or drinking enough, due to leg problems, and not being able to compete and being bullied away from feed and water.
    she should be separated to a warm safe place with feed and water close by.

    this may be fixable.
    an avian vet is best if possible.

    there is someone who specializes in these problems, who might be able to advise you if you're interested..
    I could pm you the contact info.
    but she might need an xray.

    is she able to roost?
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  4. Sweet-Pea's Grandma

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    Jan 24, 2007
    Thanks everyone for your info...

    I do have her separated from the others, tonight was the 1st time that she could go up the ramp on her own. She's been coming down but not up.

    In the "sick bay" area that I have it doesn't have a roost, so I'm not sure if she can roost are not.

    She is eating and drinking (I've put vitamins and electrolytes in her drinking water), walking around, I'll beit, just a little wobbley. She has access to her feed & water 24/7. I've also been giving her yogurt and oatmeal and shreddred lettuce about once a week.

    Sammi, oooh please send the contact info.

    Thanks again to ya'll for responding... This board has really been a lifesaver at times and "WOW" so much information.


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