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Jun 11, 2009
have been pondering this for quite some time. for my daughters next year nursery school, she will be homeschool. i am very excited!! you cant even imagine the gosh darn price of a nursery school in my town!!! besides the fact that i have been wanting to do this for awhile now!!!!!! i know its just "nursery school" but its a big step, at our house!! our 5 year old attends public school, but after my daughter continues i am thinking on pullling him out. we will see how it go's first.
my little girl is very intelligent, so she might be a great student!!!!

anyways, just wanted to share my home news!

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Best wishes for you and the kids!

We have tried many methods of schooling and I like to keep the options open....well all except attending the local school district(forbidden). Every year and every method of schooling has been so different.
I sent my kids to public school because I was scared that maybe I couldn't teach them to read or something. I also knew that I wasn't into school at home either. So off my little darlings went. ( I am still not sure why I was worried, DS was reading by the time he was in kindergarten. For some reason he started to read with the book of Revelations. I still haven't figured out why he did that. I do know that I don't care what he reads, as long as he is reading something.) By second grade my son was clearly having problems with the social side of school, and I refused to allow anyone to further undermine his self esteem. So I pulled both kids out of public school. The short story is my DD just graduated from the University of Washington with BS in Technical Communications, and my DS has been working for the County road department as full-time employee since he was 18. He had 2 years of community college by that point, and I still don't know anybody that loves their job as much as he does his.

So go for it. I would highly recommend finding a group nearby that also homeschools. That way if you need any guidance there will people to ask. Sometimes homeschooling can make a mom a little crazy, because you will rarely have any breaks away from your kids. On the other hand you will find yourself waiting for school to start in order to make the rest of the neighborhoods kids go away. I also found that the odd days off from school that the other kids would have, always seemed to take me by surprise. I never worried about my kids not getting enough socialization either, we all have enough things that we do in any given week that at the minimum the kids will be meeting people all around the community fairly regularly. The only place in our society that we allow strict segregation in, is public school. The segregation is by age. In that situation children do not learn how to interact with a variety of adults. In our working lives we deal with people of every age group. I think that people need to learn how to do that at a fairly young age. That way they are not as surprised about real life, as are an awful lot of young people that seem to be.

Also don't overlook 4-H programs and such.
wow, your children have great jobs! I dont know what the future will hold. Its only a baby step. my husband and I did so more talking about it last night.
We un-schooled, rather than created school at home. I provided the materials for the kids to learn, and there were times I would have to remind them that if they made the choice to not learn, that I wasn't going to be stupid. They hated me saying that, especially DD. She knew that I could end up being right, and she wasn't about to let that happen. I would soon find her learning about something or at least working on some of the math books we had provided for the kids.

I remember hating school, and by middle school I was not sure I would even graduate. I did only because we moved in to a completely different school district, when I was 14. I found that public school is great if you fit into the acceptable group, but if you don't, it can be soul destroying. In spite of my experience with school, I have a great respect for intelligent people. So it was important to me that the kids always had ways of learning, and they could keep their joy for learning. I knew that I wanted them to learn to learn for all their lives not just the first 18 or so years. I also know that I absolutely adored the kids as teenagers. We had so much fun through those years.
thanks for your comments, i've enjoyed reading them. i have been online like crazy doing alot of research too. excuse my spelling, as my laptop computer is missing alot of keys! my daughter, is the one who did it!! many months ago. we will use another computer for online studies and such.
thanks again for your advice!


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