joy over day 2 day old layer chicks!


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
central ohio
I am expressing my thrill of just picked up layer chicks-my second batch of specifically picked layers(have 6 6 month olds that are laying) and WILL have pics later today but cannot believe the difference in personality from my meatie babies(whom I DO adore and that DOESN'T make me a bleeding heart,they are treated good and will be eaten) these 2 day old layers are soooo sweet. they want to be held and I will start bothering them later today when I get better set-up. they're currently in tote in bathroom and I think I will just put them in my bedroom so I can relax while I harrass them(you know what I mean) 1 each speckled sussex,golden laced wyandotte,delaware,golden campine,salmon faverolles and 1 salmon faverolles male(confused yet?) plan is to grow them and see which we like and possibly breed some of those for layers. got salmon faverolles pair to try to breed some of those for raising and enjoying. hope roo is good as my last roo was a monster(new hampshire red) and I hated to process him but.... rambling-pics later!
You will soooo love your favorelles. I have 6 breeds of featherlegged chickens and they are by far the most timid. I lost my first s.f. rooster and found 2 replacements (had to drive 4 hrs to get them) but from the start i can pick them up with no problems. They just set there and let me pick them up. My other roosters won't be picked up without a chase and fight. LOL I think they are the perfect breed for those with small children around. Enjoy and good luck
How exciting for you!!! I love the babies, especially the snuggly ones!!! Enjoy them, cause they sure grow up fast!
had the salmon faverolles in bed with me(I am sane) and they snuggled up to me so I added the rest and its the most peaceful I 've seen them since they arrived(1 day ago) I am so in love. only did this for 1 hour(don't judge me) and they snuggled and slept the whole time. can not wait til spring when Roo is about 6 months old and am wondering if they are "viable" breeders then? wish to have some babies of our own to raise and have eggs/maybe meat.don't know why this batch is affecting me so but they are my future layers so??? tried to add my pics but???

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