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    So it's totally crazy but I ordered 30 chickens from Mcmurry and hatched 20 ish quail....nuts because I live in Alaska and are keeping these guys in my greenhouse- my greenhouse is right off my dinning room. I was planing on keeping the chicks on wood chips and mucking it out offten- but my compost outside totally frozen and will be for a long long cold winter. So...I was wondering about layering the bedding with newspaper then woodchips then peat moss, red wringers ect. My brooder is a giant appliance box...think something like that would work, or better for the chicks to just clean out the bedding . It would be nice to have a nice organic mix to start out my plants in the spring thats thawed out but smell is a concern...I could use coffee grounds to help with keeping the smell down unless its bad for the chicks? What about gainv them live on red wringlers ? i'll to keep adding more but i have 2 pretty good sized worm farms going. Any ideas or tips? Keep in mind my chicks are right next to my living place.
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    Would love to see some pics! Me, I would probably do pine shavings.Just clean by the roost area,but otherwise just keep layering the shavings. That is what I do in the shed.

    I have red wigglers too.My hens don't get those.They just get the plain old garden worms when I turn soil.The chickens loved to scratch around in hay/straw,but I usually clean that out after a few days and toss in the yard.
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