Jumbo eggs....!


8 Years
May 9, 2011
Savannah, Ga
I have a mystery layer....Someone keeps plopping out some jumbo eggs.


These two eggs are from my 5 week old birds. They will be 6 weeks old this coming Thursday.
Bad thing is, I've never seem any of my birds laying, and it drives me crazy!!! They all have a bad case of stage fright!?!
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That is a gigantic egg for those guys. Are they double eggs? Good luck catching them in the act.
We now have 17g eggs from at least one bird all the time.

6 months of quail keeping before i saw one and when I did I thought it was a one-off and now its one a week. Suspect its the biggest of the hens.

I can never believe you can get those eggs from those itty bitty birds, and so many eggs... but I have to agree that Ms Jumbo Layer there is really outdoing herself.
OUCH!!!! That hen is going to need Preparation H for Poultry. I had 2 hens that laid doulble yolkers for the first few weeks, and I only see them every once in a while now. Those double yolkers are said to be infertile, but I don't know.
Ahh, I saw a thread on here a while ago where someone had two separate eggs with "twins" in them - one of them survived hatching, and the others quit late - possibly couldn't manage to get out of the shell.

I also occasionally get a jumbo egg from my girls - I have 2 separate girls doing it too - I have previously had 2/5 eggs super size. Not double yolkers unfortunately, but HUGE yolks, so that's something.

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