Jumbo Pekin or (regular...?)Pekin?


Mar 20, 2019
El Campo, Texas
So... I haven't been on here for quite some time. But I've got a question that has been bothering me. I've been planning on ordering 6 Jumbo Pekin female ducklings for my 2 drakes. My drakes are adult and I've been pretty sure they're Jumbo Pekin although I wanted to weigh them and make sure. My mom bought them for me at TSC and she said that on the tag it said Pekin or something of the sort. She didn't quite know for sure. And you know how places like that are, they don't really care about breed. Anyway, I was reading in the description about Jumbo Pekins on Metzer Farms and it says males are 11 lbs. and females are 9.5 lbs. So I decided to weigh my drakes and make sure they were Jumbo Pekins. I weigh them... 6.5 lbs!!! What??? Okay... Well... They haven't been eating as much as usual lately but??? So how much do regular Pekins weigh? Males: 10 lbs. Females: 9 lbs. What??? Okay... Maybe these ducks aren't hybrids... (of which I wouldn't be surprised as these came from TSC) So what do y'all think? I want to get the same variety of Pekin as my drakes so..
Are they white layers?

I just got some ducklings from tractor supply and they couldn't even tell me what they were. All the bin said was "ducks assorted." No one knew anything about them. I was like okay guess I have mystery ducks then.

Do you have a picture of your ducks because I think that would help everyone figure out what they are.

Also how old are they?
Thank you for the compliment!!! (I know it wasn't about me but...) Anyway... I would like you opinion on if I should get Jumbo females anyway... You think the eggs of the Jumbo are bigger than the eggs of the regular Pekins? To me, the bigger the better!!! (There's a reason I'm from Texas I guess... Lol) Or maybe they would be too big of girls for my boys
Pekins are big but probably would be clumsy trying to mount a Jumbo Pekin then again the leg problems these ducks can have I'd stay away of Jumbo unless raising for meat. Even reg size Pekin can have leg problems they grow so fast. So go with reg size. I am pretty sure Pekins lay a pretty large egg anyway.
Pekin eggs are about double the size of a regular chicken egg, they're fatter or wider. We received some a few months back from a farm and they were massive. The yolk is a very rich and creamy, my husband prefers duck eggs over chicken eggs any day (my dogs do too).

Being someone who just got a Pekin, duckling make sure you are giving it vitamins and niacin. Mine had severe leg problems for about a week after I bought it from tractor supply. I'm not sure why they never treated it, but it's legs were almost at a 90 angle, it was bad. It was stepping all over its feet and falling every time it tried to move. They're straight now, but it's huge compared to my others.

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