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Apr 22, 2013
New England
Hi. I am really awaiting my first chick delivery this Spring. If anyone has advice on gluten free chicken feed, how to make chickens comfortable with train noises or knows why there are so many chickens in video games, I'm all ears.
Greetings from Kansas, timechicken, and
! Great to have you in our community! In terms of the train noise I think they will simply get used to it - my chickens just ignore my noisy lawn mower - they freaked at first but after a couple times they saw it wasn't a threat. I think that will happen with your and the train. No idea why chickens are featured some prominently in video games. And with the gluten free feed you might try a search in the BYC search bar. Good luck to you and enjoy your spring flock!
Thanks, redsoxs! Good to know that the reasons shouldn't be a problem for the chickens. The rest of us have gotten used to them, so they will too, I hope.

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