Jungle fowl, australorp, NorCal (Monterey/San Fran)


7 Years
Feb 8, 2012
Watsonville, CA
My flock has gotten out of control thanks to a frisky rooster and egg-hiding hens, so I'm looking to rehome a bunch of my flock.

I have four jungle fowl roosters with wonderful personalities, though they are very ornery and rough with hens. I blame their age and I'm sure they'll mellow out once they get a bit older. I'd wish they wouldn't be eaten, but if that is your goal, then they'd make someone a nice small chicken dinner.

I also have some very sassy hens that I'd like to see get a new home. They're australorp/jungle fowl mixes, and are very, VERY good broody hens. These girls are consistent layers throughout the entire year and will sit on their eggs through anything. After their chicks have grown they will, no joke, waddle right back out and start a new nest and have babies all over again. Nonstop. You can see now why I have too many chickens :p


(Also would be totally willing to trade for bantams. I'd love to get my flock back to bantam-only status)
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Finally snagged some (Poor) pictures of everyone.

Really would love to rehome all of them so I can start fresh with a small bantam flock. I don't mind if the roosters go into someone's stew pot but the hens are amazing egg layers (and astounding mothers) and it'd just be a waste to see them go that way.

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