Junia... needs to be called Junius?!


Apr 15, 2018
Hi all

Junia is a Exchequer Leghorn.

She was the smallest and easiest chicken of my mixed breed flock of 6 (all hatched April 16, 2018) for my 4 year old to handle for a while until about August when she started being more aggressive. She's now jumped up at a few kids and hasn't started laying yet... while we love her, she's our problem girl.

She definitely doesn't look like a rooster to me - but maybe she's just young! I'm posting a recent picture below. I have never seen Junia bug any of the other chickens as if s/he's trying to mate.

Does she look like a roo to you?! Do we need to re-name her Junius... and then get rid of her (because we're in city limits and can't keep a rooster)?

2018.9 chicken.jpeg



5 Years
Oct 4, 2016
We need a pic of her tail/tail end to properly tell. She may be a cockerel.
At this time of year, I would be very careful about rehoming her, I don't mean to fear monger, but some people do buy chickens(and other animals) to sacrifice them, my local animal shelter completely closes adoptions during October, as people have done so in the past :(
If you do end up needing to rehome her try to get a friend, or someone you trust to take her.


Apr 7, 2017
Shropshire, UK
Leghorn hens are known to have large combs and wattles, so a photo of the bird standing freely, or a picture of it's saddle feathers (above the tail), as @Feather Hearts suggests, would be appreciated.

It's unusual for a leghorn hen to not have started laying at this age, but not totally unheard of.

ETA: Apologies to @HenHouse4Life, who is quicker than me. Great minds think alike.

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