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    I was wondering, I think that we have 2 femle geese, they both try and breed each other. At first we thought we had a male and female but now both of them are laying eggs. There are 1 to 2 eggs daily, how long will this last? My husband has been eating the eggs which he likes, but I will not. They are not yet a year old we got them at the same time one is larger than the other one but the smaller one seems to be the boss.
    They listen well for my husband he spends more time with them I dont since I am in a wheelchair. They are good birds, of course they are not fond of straingers, or my grandkids since they do not come over that often.
    Since they both are laying eggs and I do feel they are both females but try and breed each other, but the smaller one more often. How long does this all last?
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    Geese are seasonal layers and breeders. Knowing what breed you have and where you live and when they started laying would help give basic info on how many eggs you can expect.

    There eggs are wonderful to cook and bake with, and of course eat scrambled or fried too.
  3. As far as egg laying - I've heard January through May. My geese began laying in February though, so I will have to see if they lay through June this year, or if they stop in May. The mating / dominance behaviors will stop at the end of the breeding season. I bought a grown pair in the middle of last summer and they showed no signs of breeding till January. They are friendlier in the non breeding season -- at least mine are : )

    If you keep taking the eggs, you might get 30 to 60 each before they stop laying. If you want them to stop I guess you could just leave the eggs until they have enough to trigger the broody instinct and then the egg laying would stop -- since you are pretty sure they are both female though the eggs wouldn't be fertile, so you would have to take them away in a few weeks so that they didn't wear themselves out by being broody. If you want baby geese, most geese will adopt goslings after a very short introductory period.

    I love watching the geese - they are so entertaining and have funny attitudes about life! Well, except for the breeding attitudes. My children still live at home, and only one of them can go out with the geese during the breeding season - the daughter who feeds them and is most accepted. During the rest of the year, the other kids can go in with them without any problems . . .

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