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HI all,

As you probably know, I am getting a pair of mini silver appleyards from holderreads this fall. I have a couple (more) questions:

My first may sound silly but anyways, I keep goats and in order to prove they are "purebred" I have to show registration papers. Do ducks have registration papers or just papers that prove they are purebred? I am thinking, no?

Since mini silver a. can fly, I plan to clip their wings. I won't be showing until next year, but just for future reference, If your ducks' wings are clipped and they are at a show/fair, will the judge mark them down? Or, will the judge not care and just focus on the confirmation of the duck?

How often do ducks molt a year?

Should I clip ducks' wings once a month, once every five months, etc.? Or, just go on when they get long?

I am not intending to start a big flock or anything, but would just like to get some offspring capable of being show quality. So, I plan to get one mini silver a. that is breeder quality and the other show breeder quality.(here is the link to explain this: http://holderreadfarm.com/adult_birds_price_list_page/adult_birds_price_list.htm . How does this sound?

Thanks and I think thats about it!!
I'm no expert but I shall try to help.

eta: Don't just take someone's word for their ducks being "show quality." There is no way to know if a duckling will be show quality, only that it came from show quality lines. The only way to know if a bird is show quality is to compare it to the breed standard (by a knowledgeable person) or have proof of past wins. Some people will knowingly lie to sell an animal for more money and some just don't know any better. If you only want to start with a pair make sure you get in with someone reputable.
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Thank you for your input!

I may actually consider buying two show quality adult birds. I plan to buy them from holderreads and it seems like whoever buys from there is very happy with what they get.

Anyways, what time of year do ducks molt?

Thanks again!
I've heard Holderread's is "the" place to get good quality birds. Further research states that ducks molt twice a year once in the early summer. The other time would probably be fall but I'm not sure.
Your ducks should be very decent quality. Not every duckling hatched will be a Grand Champion, but if you order the show potential ducklings from Holderread, you will get nice ducks.

Poultry is not registered. They don't have written pedigrees (generally). Their "pedigree" is the name and reputation of the breeder. That is because they are generally bred in groupings and not in pairs. Eggs are hatched in batches and not individually, so individual parentage is often not known (generally).

Breeder quality birds look so different from hatchery quality that you aren't going to trick a poultry fancier into thinking that hatchery birds, or mutts, are really purebreds from a top breeder.

I don't know anything about clipping wings. I don't know if mini Appleyards fly. Large domestic ducks usually can't fly more than a few feet, although they will give it their best try..

Clipped wings are a no-no for shows, but I would have to look in the SOP to see if it is a disqualification. If you clip wings, you clip after every molt, as the new feathers come in.

With ducklings, first you get juvenile plumage, then adult plumage and then they lose the nuptial plumage and get their eclipse plumage in the fall. With adults, there should be 2 molts, from nuptial to eclipse and then back again.

I suggest that you spend the extra $2 and get only the top exhibition quality if you have any plans to breed or show at all. Showing ducks is a very nice hobby and you will meet lots of very nice people.
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Thank you so much everyone.

My main concern right now is how to let the pair free range, but have their wings not clipped for show. Mini s.a. do fly so I am not sure what I will do. Maybe I will have them in an overhead wire protected pen before the show so that I don't have to clip their wings and them clip their wings after the show and let them free range. hmmm.

Anyways, thank you sooo soo much! I will look in the SOP to see if it disqualifys you....
Wait what is tHe SOP haha I was trying to look it up and couldn't find it?

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