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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by GardenGirl, Aug 22, 2008.

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    My wonderful DH has done very well with the fact that I wanted chickens and now he likes not having to pay for eggs, so we decided to get a few Red Stars from the local feed store. They were 17 weeks old. We put them in the chicken tractor he had made for our other 3 chickens. He moves them around to new grass each day. Well, the other day I was hanging laundry and he was moving the tractor when all of a sudden I see one of the new hens running in the lawn in front of me! Then I see the two young roos romping after her. He never re-latched the door after he fed and watered them before moving them! They were like kids on Christmas morning! We were afraid to let the hens, being new and young, out to range as well as the roos, being only 15 weeks, because of our neighbors cat. We saw Chaucer, the head roo, take care of one of the cats stalking one of the hens, so now we are not so worried and let them out each evening when we are home to range. I have never seen chickens so happy. Of course, the first place they go now is to the pumpkin patch!
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    You must have lots of yummy bugs in your pumpkin patch.
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    Unfortunately, yes. Tis the year of the squash bug and vine borer here. [​IMG]
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    Weeeeeeeee! Happy chickens! And good for Chaucer chasing that cat away. Good to know your hens are safe with him around.
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    Watch that pumpkin patch! Last year we only got to harvest 4 pie pumpkins, because the flock harvested the rest! [​IMG]

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