Just a question, I'm new to ducks. :)


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Jan 29, 2011
So, I've considered getting some ducks. If/when I do, what breed do you think would be best to start with? I've never had them before...

Also if it helps I would be keeping them as pets. Thanks. :3
I just did this 5 months ago xD
I got two day old baby drakes (ordered from metzer farms). They are cayugas and I LOVE them. They are so beautiful and now even though they are pretty much all grown up and 5 months old I believe, they still come up to me and will take food from me and even stand or sit on my lap
I've heard Pekins are awesome for pets, but they are loud. If you live pretty close to neighbors (and not on a farm with huge property separations) Cayugas, especially males only quack when they see you walking to them. However I have also heard that Muscovies, which i would love to have, are the most quiet. They can fly tho
Runners, there quite. If you spend time with them they are not flighty at all! My drake was so gentle and sooo quite! I suggest maybe a quad.
If you want just a few for pets, most any breed will work well, from anything I've read here. Much of it is in how much time and patience you have raising them.

Another idea, one I recently tried (and SO GLAD I did), is adopting a formerly abandoned duck from a shelter. In my experience, the shelter caregivers have worked so much with the ducks that they are just wonderful! I added two Buffs to my flock of nine Runners and it has worked out well. I raised the Runners from day-olds, and they are lovely! Energetic, but sweet and funny and friendly and engaging.

Again, if you have the time to spend with the ducks, and the willingness to learn about them and from them, if your experience is anything like mine, it's a terrific way to change your life for the better!
I personally would go with either ancona, cayuga, or muscovey ducks. Ancona ducks lay well and are more even-tempered than Runners, but muscoveys are extremely docile. Cayuga ducks are simply gorgeous, and don't seem to have bad attitudes, either.
I have Cayugas and had a pair of call ducks but the call hen has disappeared.

4 Cayuga drakes, 4 Cayuga ducks. Gorgeous, really pretty quiet. Friendly. Silly. Even when the girls quack, it's for just a quack or two, not a whole lot and not often.
I'm so new to ducks I haven't even gotten my first one yet
But after a year of researching, I finally placed my order for Welsh Harlequins. Supposedly, they have calm personalities, are not overly noisy, do not fly, are excellent foragers, decent mothers, and phenomenal egg layers. Also, I think they are beautiful ducks! This is all based off of my research, and I'm excited to find out this spring if it all holds true in real life.

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