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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by LeeLynns, May 12, 2011.

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    We have 4 baby chicks. They were about a week old when I got them last Saturday. So I am guessing they are 2 weeks old right now. I have had so much fun with these little girls. OK, so my first question is this, tonight, I took them out of the cage for a little bit, so they could run around the living room. 1 of them seems to be really getting the idea she is a chicken I guess. She started mimicking like she was fluffing her feathers and rubbing her belly, then she would fluff up and lay on the belly . Do they start doing that this early? And Last Sunday, I made a little perch for them to "roost" on and they do! They figured that out on Monday. So I guess, what I am asking is where can I find out where to read about when they start doing things ... anything like a age map of when they start this or that.

    I know, I sound odd.. but, this is really fascinating to me as I have said in a prior post.. I am 100% new to this, and , to watch the developmental skills they are learning without a momma hen to teach them is so interesting.

    Thanks in-advance

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    Quote:I like that idea. chick milestones.. like children.. when to expect what? Im new also and learning as I go..
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    Hmmm, brilliant book idea: "What to expect when you're expecting BABY CHICKS." [​IMG]

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