Just a simple question abt feed


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Feb 15, 2012
Peachland North Carolina
we have yard birds and i noticed the poo is watery. i know that has something to do with their diet. Their diet is bugs and whatnot. I am going to get feed for them cause all i have is finisher and layer. What can i feed them. They dont need layer or finisher....pls give me some suggestions....thank you
We can't make any suggestions unless you tell us a bit more. How old are the chickens? Exactly what have you been feeding them? How long have you had them and how long have they been doing the watery poo?
my chickens are abt a year and a half and we have had them since they were hatched. They have been just eating whatever was outside. Not sure abt the poo...was just told abt it...i say abt a week.
mostly roosters and the poo problem is lack of protein. dont know about the hens...we dont see them much. can someone tell me abt a non soy mash. Can my chickens eat that?

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