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  1. I was thinking about broody hens, I know you can slip other chicken eggs under them (I have done that) but I have heard of people using them to hatch out peafowl and other birds. My thought (well question rather) if chicken eggs hatch in 21 days and say pheasants hatch in 24 days after day 18 will she stop turning them? I mean how does she know that those eggs wont hatch for 3 more days? Or if you put turkey eggs under her those take 28 days, after 21 will she give up or will she continue to set there until they hatch? I am just curious. I don't have any broodies yet but when I do I would like to put pheasant or ever turkey eggs under her. Thanks [​IMG]
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    My one broody sat on air for 2 weeks before I finally broke down and gave her eggs to sit on. Well they are due to hatch tomorrow so she has been sitting for 5 weeks straight now. The other girls are going on 4 weeks they just wouldn't give up. I hope they hatch out all the babies tomorrow. Even my roo has been caught sitting in the nest box with the girls. I guess he's lonely after 5 weeks of no girls.
  3. WOW! 5 weeks of setting! I bet her hinnie is sore! :eek: Ok well I guess when my hen decides to go I will set some pheasants under her [​IMG]

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