Just about to pop-- I THINK.

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    You know what it is like waiting for new hens to start laying. It is Jan 11 ,2013. I got these day old RIR. chicks on AUG 15. 2012. LIKE I said they must be really getting set for a big day of egg laying SOON. they should be 20 weeks old This week. ALL 50 of them. wish my new gals luck with the big day. I might need a mid wife with all these new moms!! [​IMG]

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    Nov 2, 2012
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    My chicks were hatched in early may and I felt like I had to wait forever for eggs. Shortly before they started laying in the fall, they were talking/singing like crazy. A few days later, I had eggs.
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    Today they were raising sand .. I think its a good sign. I am in no hurry. --- much
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