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Dec 29, 2020

We've been living in Acton, California for about 30 years. We've had Canada geese, mallards, chickens and golden pheasants.

I've had some aggression with my goldens, the male pecked the top of the head off one female, he probably killed the other somehow but she died unmarked. These birds had been together in a 10'x10' enclosure for years.

Who can tell me more about male to female aggression in fowl and how to deal with it?

I had some geese where the male was picking on the female, so I put them in separate pens. They were constantly trying to get back together, so I put them back together. The male then proceeded to kill the female.

So what's the answer? More complex habitat inside the pens with blinds, tunnels or walls to prevent continuous visual contact?

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