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11 Years
Jan 9, 2009
Turned out all my old hens,....eggs were getting scarce and the old gals just aren't up to the task anymore.

Anyways,.....I got a new brood of pullets about two weeks ago....6 golden comets,..and 6 rir.

and my daughter made me buy a very goofy duck that I dunno what to do with,..but he's cute,..so we're keepin him around the farm I guess.

I've had him/her? in the cage with the chicks,.....he's three times thier size,....but the duck acts like a mother,..and lets all the chicks cuddle up under. Is there any harm in this? Everyone seems healthy and happy......is there anything about a duck that i need to know that could harm the chicks?
The only problem might be your little duckie eating medicated chick starter(I think it causes problems with their legs)if you feed it. I've heard they can have the kind with amproillium(sp?), but I always err on the side of caution and feed my waterfowl gamebird feed. Since I feed my chicks the gamebird feed for the extra protein it all works out. I would think as long as your duck isn't making your brooder to wet for your chicks, and isn't picking on them they should be fine. By the way, us BYC folks love pictures of cute fuzzy babies
I agree with howfunky.

I would give Flock Raiser with oyster shell on the side for the layers, myself.

A feed store employee told me medicated feed kills ducklings. Others on BYC have said this might not be true anymore.

If you want them to all be together, that is. You can always keep the duck out of the feed?
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