Just another day at The Azalea Ranch! WARNING, SNAKE PIC, long winded!

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  1. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Yesterday, I went out to collect eggs, refresh waterers, just the usual evening routine. DH was inside, reading the newspaper. Lo and behold, one of our 2 resident yellow rat snakes was having an early dinner- he was in the nest full of eggs, with 3 distinct egg shaped bulges behind his head!

    I negotiated an agreement with the 2 snakes last year, stating ONE egg per day each. He had obviously reneged on his end of the bargain and needed to be dealt with firmly, before the other should decide to follow suit.

    I don't want to take my eyes off of him, should he escape again, so I start calling out, across the 60 feet to the house, to DH. About the fifth loud, full projection, low pitched holler, he comes out, looking annoyed, onto the front porch, and says WHAT- looking annoyed. I said SNAKE! That got his attention- finally.

    He took a look, grabbed the bow rake and went in the run- I let John Henry and his girls out- the snake wasn't bothering them a bit, they were just in the way. Since we don't kill non-venomous snakes here, I went hiking across the property for a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, to put the snake in. After luring a wildly hysterical, 93 pound black lab into the house on the way, I found a bucket and lid in the shop and headed back to the coop. And here comes DH with a really put out, 4 foot rat snake, head in DH's hand and the rest wrapped all over. Dh raised snakes as a kid and doesn't mind the antics. Ohhhhhhkay.

    We get said snake in the bucket, drill lots of holes for air with a cordless drill, which took forever because the battery wasn't charged up, and DH puts the bucket in the back of his company truck and says he's off to relocate the snake and will run into town afterwards, for some stuff I needed. Cool, no problem.

    I went back to the coop, rounded up chickens, got the remaining eggs and went in the house, only to find the phone ringing off the hook. I answer, DH says get your truck and come down the road. I paused, said okay, be right there. (I learned long ago, that when someone says something like that, just do it, don't waste time on questions.)

    So, I get on down the road a mile or so, and there's the company truck- both back wheels in the ditch! We have 4 foot deep drainage ditches here, so once you're in, you are IN.

    I didn't even bother to get out- just backed my truck at an angle, so I wouldn't pull him into the other ditch, waited while looped the tow strap to my truck, pulled him out firmly and gently and here comes a car- head-on to me, since I'm on the left side of the road. So now I have to cut right in a hurry, and DH, truck just coming out of the ditch, can't see the oncoming car- who shows no sign of slowing down. So I had to do a fancy dance to get in front of DH and not let him hit me, or me put him back in the ditch!

    Somehow, we made it over without colliding- and the other guy never even slowed down. Back to the ranch, DH says he isn't going anywhere, so I "get" to go to town.

    But Mr. Snake has been relocated about 2 miles away, the company truck is okay, and it was done with a bare minimum of words! And my Honda pickup hauled a full size, fully loaded GMC out of the 4 foot deep ditch. Yay truck.

    This is Mr. Snake last year, with only one egg.

    Hope he's happy! Somewhere else!
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    Jul 17, 2008
    Cool snake!
  3. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Yeah, and his little brother/sister is still here! At least now, I only lose ONE egg a day! [​IMG]

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