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6 Years
Sep 6, 2013
Randolph Co. N. Carolina
Hey all! Just thought I'd pop in and say hey. Finally joined up today, but have been "stalking" y'all on here for months now. Just acquired my first chicks ever a week ago today. So far I have 2 ea of Ameraucanas, Delawares and Brahmas. Thus far my Dele's and Brahmas are my favorites. The 'canas are gorgeous, but not as inclined to be touched/held as the others. Picked up the lot of them from Southern States 2 days after they were hatched. Super excited and LOVING the process thus far. Last time I "had" chickens was when I was a preteen. Wasn't overly involved in that though. We got them all as adults and they were definitely NOT friendly.

I've been researching (read "obsessing") chicken ownership for about three or four years now and keep coming back here the most. :D BYC certainly has a lot of wonderful peeps on it. (pun intended). Had to hold off on actual ownership though due to where I was living being annoying and not allowing chickens in the city/town limits and the fact that I was pregnant and/or with a young'un.

I am happily married to my husband - together 12 years, married for 8 of them. I have three sons, age 17, 4 and 2. My oldest moved out in January of this year so it's just me and my three mens. Currently homeschooling the four year old - which is new for me. We recently relocated to NC for my husbands job and were lucky enough to get a bit of land and are slowly but surely starting the whole homestead process. I grew up in the country, but my hubs is very much a city boy. Poor lad. We also have two dogs (both mutts 10 y.o.) and two ferrets (3 and 5 y.o.). Eventually we plan to throw a goat or two into the mix. Not enough land for cows and horses or I'd make hubs get me them too. :)

That's about it really. I'd bore you with my hobbies too - but since I don't have time for them anyway I'll spare you. lol.

Incidentally.... my babies are:

Flier (Delaware pullet - my 4 y.o. named this one), Pox (Delaware pullet), Winner winner (EE pullet), Le' Eggo (EE pullet - my 2 y.o. named this one), Dolly Brahma (Light Brahma pullet although I'm starting to wonder), Cleopecktra (Dark Brahma pullet)

*Not sure about the coloring on the brahmas since they were bought from a bin labeled "assorted brahma pullets".

Planning on adding more to the flock including some Houdans, but got to get the city boy on board first. :) Ideally I'll have 15 hens and 1 roo. We're waiting to see if my suspicions about Dolly are correct. If not and she/he turns out to be a hen then I'll just have to buy a roo separate. Oh darn, more chicks.... what a shame... LOLOLOLOLOL

Soon as I figure out how to post pics on here I can do that for ya.
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